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Cayla White

To my first year self,

During my first year, I faced the challenge of entering college with a torn ACL, uncertain about what lay ahead. Initially, I stressed considerably instead of letting things naturally unfold. As I gradually embraced this process, I witnessed significant improvements in my recovery and overall life.

College can be a demanding transition; in my case, adapting to new coaches and teammates added an extra layer. One invaluable lesson from my time at UVA is the importance of granting oneself grace amid change. There's no manual for navigating these adjustments, but persevering through hardships is crucial. Patience and emotional resilience are vital on this journey.

Over the past four years, I became the first-string goalie and forged meaningful relationships within and beyond my team while pursuing an excellent education. If someone had predicted this outcome four years ago, I wouldn't have believed them. Often, the only way through challenges is to face them head-on. So, ride the wave, be patient with yourself, and savor the journey.

Cayla White

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