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First Year Panel - Spring 2024

Some of Virginia's most accomplished first year student-athletes join UNCUT to share their experiences regarding their transitions from high school to college and what their time has been like so far. Join Gage Gose (Track & Field), Mia Abello (Field Hockey), McCabe Millon (Men's Lacrosse), Alexandra Schneider (Women's Lacrosse) and Victoria Safradin (Women's Soccer) as they open up.

ACL Tear Panel - Fall 2023

Our first UNCUT at UVA panel brings together a number of Virginia athletes to discuss their experiences of ACL tears and the successive recovery. Join Laughlin Ryan (Women's Soccer), Chico Bennett Jr. & Dakota Twitty (Football), Lauren Pederson (Women's Lacrosse), and Emma Dawson & Lia Godfrey (Women's Soccer) as they share their experiences.

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