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To my first year self,

You are entering UVA in the Fall of 2018 as a first year, without any true understanding of how this University is going to change your life. You are excited to begin a new chapter and are prepared to maximize your life on and off the tennis court. Stepping foot on a campus with extremely successful and talented athletes who all share a common goal of winning, you think that will be the essence of your time here. I promise that within a week of being on grounds, you will realize that UVA stands for a whole lot more than winning ACC and NCAA Championships.

One of the first things my coach ever spoke about and emphasized to our team was our culture and brotherhood. It wasn’t what ranking we needed to be by the end of May or how many matches it took to bring back a trophy, it was about growing as individuals and becoming leaders. You will focus on loving and supporting one another until by the time you’re my age, you will feel like family.

As a 5th-year, with only a month left at UVA, I can confidently say that this is true: my teammates as well as my coaching staff have become family. I will always remember the success this team has had and bringing back a National Championship trophy in 2022 but the moments we shared off the court will be what I remember most. Your journey at UVA will truly be a gift, and will forever be thankful for the unbelievable times you will have here.


Will Woodall

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