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To my first year self,

Hey! Long time no see. Wow, where do I even begin. I guess I should start by saying that whatever you are currently stressing about, whatever is taking away from you fully enjoying your time here on Grounds - know that everything is going to work out, and everything happens for a reason. Knowing you though, I’m sure I would not listen to that advice one bit, but it's still worth saying.

If there is one thing that I want to share with you, it is that there is absolutely no way you can predict what is going to happen over the next four years. Now at first that may seem scary, but in a way, it's actually very comforting. Knowing that you can’t force the future lets you step back and enjoy the present. If we could have done one thing better in our time here, it would have been enjoying the present more. Enjoy that freezing moped ride to class during the winter, enjoy your 5:30 AM lifts, enjoy eating powdered eggs at Ohill after practice. Because by the time you get to your last few weeks on grounds, you will be wishing you could relive each of those moments again.

Lastly, never stop appreciating the fact that you are beyond blessed to have the opportunity to spend these next four years at the best school in the world. I can promise you that during these years, you will meet the most incredible people in your life, have experiences that will last for a lifetime, and become a significantly more well rounded person. Strap in, it's going to be a fun ride. Enjoy it.



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