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Maggie Bostain

Dear First year Maggie,

Congratulations! You did it! You are nearing the finish line of what has been nothing short of a crazy 4 years here at UVA. In just a few short weeks, you will be walking down the lawn, balloon in hand, ready to face the real world. While these past 4 years here have been filled with some of the most rewarding and joyful memories, they will also bring you some of your hardest moments. Playing the sport that you love, what you thought would be the easiest part of this journey, will test you in ways that you never thought. You will learn more about yourself than you're willing to admit. But more importantly, you will leave here with lasting friendships. Friendships that will endure distance, time, and the many more hardships of life to come.

Born in Virginia, a Scott Stadium regular, you were already a natural Hoo. When the time came to make a decision about college and continuing your lacrosse career, the answer was simple. As you loaded up the car and made the short one hour trek to Charlottesville, you envisioned what the next four years would be like. Upon arrival, with COVID-19 still leaving its impact, you face a year of Zoom classes from the confinements of your dorm, social distancing from soon-to-be friends, and playing lacrosse in the fall heat in a mask. However, despite its challenges, this year is the most crucial year in your journey here at school. Quarantined with your fellow teammates, you all will form a bond that is unparalleled to any type of friendship you have had before.With nothing much more to do than just enjoy each other’s presence while sitting on the cold, hard floor of your dorm hallway, you will make meaningful connections with those around you and create memories that still make you tear up from laughing today.

All in all, your experience here will be a rollercoaster so here is some advice to help you enjoy the ride. First, don’t question your worth. Your worst enemy will be comparing yourself to others athletically, academically, and physically. You deserve to be here. Secondly, it is ok to make mistakes. Four years from now, you will not remember that one bad practice or that one bad test grade that sent you spiraling for hours. You will learn from your mistakes and not let them define you. And last but not least, enjoy every little moment. Whether it's the long bus rides, the team dinners, or the rambunctious banter in the locker room, these are the memories that will stick with you and will be the ones you will miss the most. Time has flown by these past four years so enjoy every moment.

Maggie Bostain

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